Tuesday 12 April 2011

Weekly Treats! 13th April

A gunshot reverberates through the week as Marvel promises us the REAL death of Ultimate Spider-Man. Things fall apart folks. Actually for Marvel it's another one of those heavy-hitting weeks where you wonder what could be left for the rest of the month what with the two main X-Men titles and the rather brilliant X-Force and New Avengers as well as the natty new-look ghostly Amazing Spider-Man (just in case you're upset at the sight of the web-spinner's untimely demise over in the Ultimate universe). Hellboy gets sci-fi - really! -  in a new one-shot drawn by Kevin Nowlan. The prelude to the massive-looking Flashpoint series continues in Flash. And Batman and Robin are trapped and about to be tortured in a diabolically deadly new device (so everything's right in the world).

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