Thursday 26 May 2011

I Can Do That! Matt Fraction's writing exercise

So you've always fancied writing a comic but you're intimidated by the idea of imitating the greats, or maybe you've tried your hand and stalled over the technique. Given the announcement of the Myriad Editions First Graphic Novel competition (see here for my post) maybe now is the perfect time to try something that set Matt Fraction on his way to Eisner award winning run on Iron Man to the current captain of Fear Itself. 

He picked up his copy of Batman Year One (and if superhero comic writing career paths were comics, issue zero would be to own Batman Year One) and wrote it out as a full script. That way, following the old 'I see and I learn, I do and I understand' mantra, by going through what may be considered a tedious process he was better able to inhabit the mindset of Frank Miller. Sounds brilliant to me and it impressed Mark Waid who was with Fraction when the exercise was disclosed. See here for the original article from ComicBookRescources.

And then get writing folks; I'll expect to see your small press comics in our shop soon...

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