Wednesday 11 May 2011

Plugged! Chico & Rita signed (and more...)

Those good fellows at SelfMadeHero have furnished us once more with signed books. We have signed copies of Kiki De Montparnesse (see here for a previous post about this book) and also signed and sketched copies of Baby's in Black, the story of Stuart Sutcliffe and Astrio Kitchherr.

We also have copies of Chico & Rita that are not only signed by co-creator Javier Mariscal (see here for a profile) but also include a lovely print tucked inside. Rather unsually, the book is an adaptation of an animated film of the same name (aren't we so used to seeing our comics turned into movies?) about a piano player, a singer and their journey from the small time in Cuba to the bright lights of Las Vegas and how their star-crossed romance struggles to survive.

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