Tuesday 12 July 2011

Weekly Treats! Blackest Night, Casanova Gula and Incognito: Bad Influences

Casanova Gula
It's a Superhero-mungus week folks so take a break from the day-to-day and dive on in. Silly season arrives for anyone waiting for the Blackest Night (DC) saga to make it  to paperback with Blackest Night: Green Lantern (DC) and Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps (DC) completing a hat-trick. It was one of those events that managed to give newer readers a great non-continuity-heavy snap-shot of the DC universe while it still felt important for existing readers. Great stuff.

Marvel's picks merely come from their Icon imprint (completing their own hat-trick after the release of Scarlet last week). Sometimes writers need a title to try out their crazy ideas. Bendis has Powers and for Matt Fraction it would be definitely be Casanova, his mad, hyper, throw-everything-against-the-wall sci-fi/spy series. Casanova Gula (Icon/Marvel) - volume two of the Casanova series - is drawn with fluid energy by Fabien Moon needs to be experieced to believed. Comics need titles like this. Then there's Incognito: Bad Influences (Icon/Marvel) the follow-up to Incognito. Once again Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips prove that when they're together they are the best at what they do; grounded, crime storytelling (Criminal) sometimes with a superhero edge, such as with Incognito and the excellent Sleeper series from a few years ago. A golden comic partnership.

Marvel own the Weekly Treats this week though. Captain America #1 completes the long road home for Steve Rogers and pairs long-time Cap writer Ed Brubaker with Steve McNiven. Ghost Rider #1 sees a new rider climb onto the saddle, Ultimate Fallout #1 finds the heroes staring gloomily at their feet after the death of Spider-Man and X-Men: Schism #1, after reducing their numbers and making them hated and feared again Jason Aaron splits the camp for the big X-Men event. DC's time will come of course (Marvel will be battening down the hatches come September) but they do have David Finch's Batman: Dark Knight #3 and Dark Horse reach into the creepy closet for BPRD Hell on Earth: Monsters #1 (of 2).

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