Friday 12 August 2011

Weekly Treats! Bad Island

Okay, this post is a few days late but after taking the time to put it together, internet problems aren't going to get in my way, no sir.

Doug TenNapel's books usually have three main ingredients: energy, humour and heart. Generally, but not always, they're all ages titles, they have the sort of high concept plots that have film studios on alert and where they used to be black and white they're now in colour thanks to Scholastic who published TenNapel's previous book Ghostopolis and his new one: Bad Island (Scholastic). Sounding something like a cross between Swiss Family Robinson and The Island of Doctor Moreau with some aliens thrown in a family on holiday get in serious trouble and find themselves washed up on an island trying to work together against mysterious beasties.

I always look forward to reading TenNapel's books (see here for my blog about the brilliant Power Up a couple of years ago) and I'm even more curious as I've been unable to find almost any preview art but there are a couple of reviews around (see here and here). UPDATE. Thanks to the belated post I was able to read it before posting and I can confirm it's an excellent all ages read.

Fear Itself #5 is the the big release of the comic week with the story really cookin' now after a slow start but in Amazing Spider-Man #667, Spider-Island kicks off the SPIDER-MAN EVENT OF THE DECAAAAADE! (apart from the prelude issue out last week of course). Anyway New Yorkers are all fully infected with funny abilities and we know it's an important event because there are spin-off titles such Spider-Island: Cloak & Dagger #1. Welcome back to the big time Spidey. DC have declared their patch Batman week with five titles featuring the big man. Batman & Robin #21 features a promising cover as a siege in France's Arkham Asylum threatens to turn Paris surrealist nightmare, but he also takes time out to clobber some teenage girls in Batman Inc #9, which is nice. And Mike Mignola's other non-Hellboy creation, the more swashbuckling but equally world-weary Baltimore begins another adventure in Baltimore: The Curse Bells  #1.

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