Monday 15 August 2011

Weekly Treats! Blankets and We 3

Originally released in 2003 Blankets (Top Shelf) was released to much critical acclaim and won creator Craig Thompson a clutch of awards and some famous admirers including Eddie Campbell, Art Spiegelman and Neil Gaiman. Conceived as a attempt to write an epic graphic novel where nothing happens Blankets is a gentle character study encompassing a childhood sibling rivalry and later in life, falling deeply in love. The book is now re-released (in both hardcover and softcover) to whet the appetite for next months release of Habibi which has been in production since 2004 and plays with Islamic mythology. His blog features sample art from the project (see here).

Lots of blankets in Blankets

Promo art for Habibi

Also getting a re-release but now in super-fancy edition is We3: The Deluxe Edition (DC). Hopefully you may know something of this excellent short series by Grant Morrison and the masterful Frank Quietly about household pets turned cybernetic killing machines. If you do you may be aware that the series was super-short: only three issues long. So how does it justify a deluxe edition? Well a whopping 10 pages have been inserted into the story (may not sound much but that's quite an expansion on a pretty tight story) plus 28 pages of notes and sketches so I'd say that more than justifies the song and dance.

BPRD: Hell on Earth vol 1 (Dark Horse) marks a change in direction for the series and an excellent jumping on point for new readers. Always highly recommended after all these years. Halcyon (Image) had a troubled release in comics after the name was changed between solicitations of the first a second issue which led chronic under-ordering. Which is a shame because everyone rather liked the first issue of this mature rated superhero yarn.

As for the Weekly Treats the highlight for me will be the glorious Daredevil #2 followed by Captain America #2 whilst the Flashpoint tie-ins continue to be wrapped up with Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3 and Dick Grayson has a personal identity crisis in Batman #713. Walking Dead #88 is always a breeze and keep an eye out for Stuff of Legend: Jester's Tale #1

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