Friday 16 September 2011

Pssst! Optice Nerve #12

Just one more thing before the weekend. What with all the crash bang wallop of the Juggernaut releases I didn't mention Optic Nerve #12 (D&Q) by Adrian Tomine. Three stories: the first is something of a melancholic comedy in newspaper strip style (similar to Daniel Clowes' Wilson); the second a low-key and rather sweet character tale; the third will make you feel positively glowing about your purchase. I know I've written and said this enough times over the last couple of weeks but this is a really good jumping on point - you really don't need to have read anything of the Optic Nerve series before. In fact, whilst DC are doing their bit to resurrect the superhero genre Adrian Tomine is out there keeping the home fires burning for the other side of comics. Excellent stuff. Welcome back Mr Tomine.

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