Wednesday 21 September 2011

Swoon Now! Habibi & The Incal

There's more! Two highly anticipated books (albeit one as a re-print) are also out this week and in store now. Craig Thompson's last book, the recently re-released Blankets, has quietly earned itself a place in the hall of fame of classic graphic novels. Fans have had to wait over six years for a new piece of work and Habibi (Faber & Faber) will certainly give people something to chew over. At almost 700 pages it sets its themes high and wide as a parable exploring love, sex, obsession and a spiritual relationship with nature and religion. Thompson's signature flowing artwork becomes a beautiful companion to the Arabic calligraphy that weaves its way throughout the book and although I'm rather uncomfortable about aspects of the story, the art is never less than interesting. It's also a stunningly presented book - pictures don't do any justice to the dark, rich colouring and gold embossed type.

Also with us is the collected re-print of one of the most influential sci-fi series in recent comics history: The Incal (Self Made Hero). Written by the free-thinking and wildly imaginative (or bonkers, from another viewpoint) Alejandro Jodorowsky it was a perfect companion for the infamous Moebius who excelled at creating alien worlds that have seeped it to many movies including Star Wars. Challenging and inspiring.

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