Tuesday 6 September 2011

Weekly Treats! Action, Detective and Like a Sniper...

It may be stormy outside but DCeptember continues at a whirlwind pace this week; you've had the sumptuous appetiser and now we get down to serious business. The two standouts of course are two of DC's flagship titles: Action Comics #1 written by Grant Morrison and Detective Comics #1 by the Grant Morrison-approved Tony Daniel. But how do you pick and chose between other titles? Well if you are perusing the shelves on a budget then Animal Man #1 by Jeff Lemire is getting a very good buzz, as is Batgirl #1 and Static Shock #1 may prove to be a sleeper hit. Stormwatch #1 benefits from Paul Cornell, Swamp Thing #1 is just such an emotive character that it'll be worth a closer look and who can resist a peek at the madness of Rob Liefield on Hawk & Dove #1?

Personally I'm looking forward to sitting down with OMAC #1 by Dan Didio and Keith Giffen turning in some Kirby-loving art. See here for more information and our reservation service and remember that all DC number ones are sold at a reduced price this month.

There are a few other comics out this week of course including the arrival of The Revengers in New Avengers Annual #1, Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba set sail for another adventure testing out madcap ideas in Casanova: Avarita #1 and there's also another instalment of the rather excellent relaunch Punisher #3.

If you're looking for a thicker slice of action then I would highly recommend a look at the latest release in French artist Jacques Tardi's bibliography: Like A Sniper Lining Up His Shot (Fantagraphics) may have a slightly clumsy title but with Tardi's clear, detailed storytelling and adapted from novelist Jean-Patrick Manchette's stripped-down writing style, crime fiction it doesn't come much more grounded and unforgiving.

But if sir would take a moment to try something a little (dramatic pause) different might I suggest you step this way and for the latest dark and twisted journey from Richard Sala namely The Hidden (Fantagraphics). Don't be shy now.


Why sir, you look pale. I see confusion in your face. Do not fear what you don't understand; embrace the uncertainty, let go of reason, allow yourself to be unsettled. After all 'tis a dark and stormy sky outside. Bwaha-ha-haaaa.

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