Monday 12 December 2011

Swoon Now! The Sigh

Originally published three years ago to high acclaim in France and Spain, The Sigh (Archaia) is the new book by Persepolis author Marjane Satrapi.

Unlike Persepolis and Embroideries, The Sigh is a fairy story: When a Merchant is unable to bring home a gift for Rose, one of his three daughters, she heaves a sigh that attracts Ah the Sigh, a mysterious, ethereal character who provides the Merchant with the requested gift.  But, as with all the classic fairy tales, every gift has a price and a year later the Sigh returns and the payment must be Rose herself.


The story is filled with classical fairy tale elements from Princes, to lost love and labours on the road to redemption that, along with Satrapi's charmingly simple, flowing illustrations with a multi-cultural choice of colours and design, make for a comfortable and heart-warming read.

The book itself is in an under-sized hard-cover format with a beautifully designed cover making it a lovely gift book.  Highly recommended.

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