Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Weekly Treats! Goliath & Explorer: The Mystery Boxes

This week sees the long-awaited return of Tom Gauld with his new book Goliath (Drawn & Quarterly) a beautifully simple tale of an infamous giant who is actually quite gentle. To those who are familiar with Gauld's work - The Gigantic Robot, Hunter & Painter, also featured in the new volume of Nobrow - I won't need to say much beyond the words 'Tom Gauld' and 'new'.  For the uninitiated, there is a unique timeless quality in his often predominantly wordless style that also manges to be both sad and humorous.  In Goliath, against the Biblical backdrop (quotes from the Bible are dropped into the story) Gauld's themes of loneliness and losing control of ones destiny have a quiet dignity about them, personified by Goliath himself.

See here for Gauld's website and see here for an in-depth interview on TheComicsReporter. Note: we also stock the postcard collection: 12 Postcards By Tom Gauld.

The Amulet (Scholastic) series, currently at four volumes, has been slowly picking up a fan base to rival Bone in the All Ages (as in all ages read it - adults to kids) graphic novel market.  Writer and illustrator Kazu Kibuishi hasn't rested on his laurels though and has the webcomic Cooper (collected and published by Scholastic), contributions to the Flight (Villard) anthology series and now this All Ages anthology entitled Explorer: The Mystery Boxes (Amulet). Comprising of seven stories, including one by Kibuishi, the only theme is that they each feature a mysterious box.  Although the art styles vary, none are so dramatically different that they jar or seem out of place and if you like one - say Kibuishi's himself - then there's a very good chance you'll like them all.  In fact, the same can be said about the tone which ranges from creepy to wacky to thoughtful fantasy.


And just in time before the movie kicks into gear and people accuse comic fans of riding on the coat-tails of what's popular, get in early on Bane fever with Batman Versus Bane (DC).  It re-prints stories Batman/Bane and Batman: Bane of the Demon #1-4 and features Ra's al Ghul and Talia.  

For the Weekly Treats it's all the sixes and- Wait a moment.  Well look who it is... Is that Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight #6?  It's personal demon-wrestling time in Justice League Dark #6.  And Wolverine? Kid Omega? In an intergalactic casino?  What ARE they thinking of in Wolverine and the X-Men #6.  Plus Secret Avengers #22 which features a new line-up, new creative team and a delicious Arthur Adams cover.  In Jeff Smith's creepy sci-fi Rasl #13, Rasl continues his mission with Salvador Crow on his tail.  And finally: Have you caught on to a couple of Image re-launches? You'd be forgiving for missing them because Image have kept the old numbering.  We had Glory #23 (I know, I know) last week, illustrated by Ross Campbell - a really good, adult take on Wonder Woman - and the excellent Prophet #21 by Simon Roy and Brandon Graham about an alien inhabited future Earth and the awakening of the last remaining man from a 'cryosleep'.  Prophet #22 is out this week - this is turning into a very hot series. 


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