Tuesday 28 February 2012

Weekly Treats! Punisher, X-Force & manga!


 It's going to have to be like a short burst from a machine gun this week starting with the release of Punisher by Greg Rucka vol. 1 (Marvel).  I'm a little uncomfortable with Marvel's tendency towards putting the author's name in the title on some of their collections (as they have done with Bendis and Hickman's books recently) as if the illustrator is barely more than an afterthought. Anyway, for the record Marco Checchetto provides the gritty art on this excellent and intelligently written relaunch. Also from Marvel, Uncanny X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga Book 2 has been a consistently good series.  Rick Remender has done a great job balancing some fairly cynical and sardonic characters and we're even treated to art from the incomparable Jerome Opena

I know I never mention Manga but it's a big release week featuring three popular titles including Bakuman vol. 9, Blue Exorcist vol. 6 and Bleach vol. 38 (all from Viz Media) - and that's just the B's.

Moving on to the Weeklies, Justice League #6 finally creeps in on the last week of the month and the newly formed line-up face their first big villain in the shape of Darkseid (probably because it is Darkseid).  Amazing Spider-Man #680 is definitely worth catching as we begin Spider-Maaaan innnn spaaaaaace.  Which leads me in to the increasingly well-reviewed (see here) Spaceman #4 (of 9) - in the right proper sci-fi tradition of a melting pot of ideas.

Full list of releases found through the tab at the top of the page.

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