Tuesday 7 February 2012

Weekly Treats! Jinchalo

Walking a similar path that Jim Woodring strolls through, Matthew Forsythe is very good at taking a line for a walk (see here for his website).  As a follow-up of sorts to Ojingogo, Jinchalo (Drawn & Quarterly) once again features Voguchi, a little girl, who this time meets a shape changing creature called Jinchalo - the Korean word for "Really?" - who launches her on a journey through a dream scape of the abstract.  This is genre that works uniquely well in the comics medium of course but it has to be kept surprising and highly imaginative for the reader otherwise it becomes too aimless.  Jinchalo duly complies; it's a beautiful, charming little book filled with impressions of mythological and Korean imagery.

This was the Batman story we really wanted to see.  After R.I.P. and all that time jumping hoo-ha Bruce Wayne finally made it back.  Written by Grant Morrison (of course) and Fabien Nicieza, Batman: Time and the Batman (DC) paperback edition features a great line-up of artistic talent including Frank Quietly, David Finch, Tony Daniel and Andy Kubert.  Plus, this week we also have the release of iZombie vol. 3 (DC) - a glorious take on the undead illustrated by the smooth Mr. Mike Allred.

Last week saw a DC rising star Scott Snyder themed week and this week Marvel's golden boy gets the spotlight.  Jason Aaron has three titles out under the Marvel banner: Wolverine and the X-Men #5 has had a refreshing line of humour in the series beginning with the rather tongue-in-cheek premise of Wolverine as Headmaster of a school for mutants.  Then there's the far more sombre Incredible Hulk #5 promising to reveal the person behind the separation of Banner and Hulk.  And finally the hyper-violent PunisherMax #22 which reaches its final issue.  In fact if you can stomach the violence this title has been a excellent example for the argument for some comics to be free of continuity and operate in their little world whilst still using characters from the the Marvel universe - in fact I'd say the odds are stacked against Frank making through to the end of the issue.  As for DC, Green Lantern #6 is, for me, one the strongest titles in the line continuing the Sinestro/Hal double-act.  Demon Knight #6 confounds expectations that such a title could thrive when it's so blatently offering something so different - how dare it.  And Batwoman #6 comes with a warning: JH Williams isn't on art duties in this issue - so get your pouting over with now and give the perfectly capable Amy Reeder a chance...


But there are more titles I'd like to drawn your attention to: If ever you've been vaguely interested in the idea of giving Conan a try then now would be a good time as Brian Wood takes over writing Conan the Barbarian #1 (Dark Horse) adapting directly from Robert E Howard this is a more swashbuckling character then some may be expecting.  Robert Kirkman's new project begins this week in the shape of Thief of Thieves #1 (Image) as a master thief attempts to recapture the old life he left behind before the FBI catch up on him.  And finally, anyone who's experienced the madness of the cartoon will want to take a look at Adventure Time #1 (Boom!) - it's very funny, right?

As ever, there's a full list way up there under the This Weeks Comics tab.

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