Sunday 6 May 2012

Daves Comics Avenger Posters give aways?

Thanks to the Odeon Cinema of Brighton we have some 'Avengers Assemble' posters to give away to our customers in Brighton. We have also added some Avengers goodies from the new Avengers VS X-Men series that started recently.
I have made 10 sets to give away. So far we have already had two wins this weekend for someone who has seen the film and someone who just started collecting AvX. So there's 8 more to go!

I can't speak for the other guys here but I loved the Avengers movie, it was fun. And I want these to be fun random, spur of the moment giveaways. They're not being posted out or Ebayed, you have to be in Brighton and able to visit Daves Comics and you will have follow us on Twitter to find out when I'm giving them away over the next week or so. Eagle eyes will have noticed our Tweet feed is also viewable here on the side bar of our blog. Sometimes you will have to come in and answer a question, or Ill have instructions on a sign in the store. Might be a couple of extra giveaways too, follow our @DavesComics Twitter to find out.

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