Friday 4 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day - Saturday May 5th

When making plans for this rather overcast Bank Holiday Weekend, you may want to build a trip to our shop into your thoughts for Saturday because we want to celebrate our love of comics and sequential art with you.  As you may have noticed from the banner at the top of this page, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and in America that means everyone heads to their local comic shop dressed up as their favourite characters to pick up free copies of comics they may never have tried before.  Obviously in England this would lead to lots of red faces, averting eyes to the ground and shuffling feet so while we won't insist that you dress up we will have a selection of titles to give away.  To avoid a potential scramble, we've created two packs: one for all ages; another for teen and up.  Each pack will contain a differing arrangement of three or four comics (we want to make this a fair as possible as, contrary to popular belief the publishers do not give us the comics for free; we have to buy them) but ALL of the younger readers pack will contain a lovely hardcover volume from Archaia which includes short stories of Mouse Guard and Cursed Pirate Girl.  The older readers pack will also vary in titles but they will ALL include the DC New 52 sampler.  So please come along and enter into the spirit of things and tell anyone you think may be curious about all this comic-malarkey - this is a chance to reach out to new readers and for existing readers to try something new.

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  1. Oh no :( I moved away at the wrong time. But I would have totally dressed up! I'm hoping to get my hands on New52 and Mouse Guard (up north) but perhaps that's just greedy.


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