Wednesday 2 May 2012

I Can Do That! Make your own Bulletproof Coffin story

So you may have picked up your copy of Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4 today but when you read it you found the storytelling a little more ... fractured than usual (which is saying something).  That's because David Hine and Shaky Kane are urging you to cut it up and test out the William Burroughs/David Bowie method of rearranging the panels for your own story making entertainment.  Like so:

NOTE: READERS OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION MAY WANT TO LOOK AWAY NOW.  By way of promoting the issue (see here) Hine & Kane cut up an issue of Fantastic Four #2. See? Comics should be fun.  Notice the bottles of Bud and Jack Daniels for Dutch courage, I presume.  Or maybe they awoke the next morning with sore heads and fell to their knees with grief...

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