Friday, 26 October 2012

Signing! Glenn Fabry

Get your Halloween off on the right note next week by picking what is bound to be the most beautifully illustrated horror comic of the year. Seriously, you will be pouring over the detail in the crushed bones, maggots and layers of flesh. Glenn Fabry may be known to you either for his work on 2000AD - most famously Slaine - as the cover artist for the Preacher comics and graphic novels, the illustrator of the comic adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, the Judge Dredd & Batman I getting close yet? Essentially he's a very good comic artist that we don't see nearly enough of because, well, he puts sooo much work into his art. Well this Halloween sees the release of the first issue of his new horror series written by non-other than king horror-scribe Steve Niles and to celebrate Glenn Fabry will be in the shop from 2pm onwards to sign, chat and maybe even doodle for you. 

So that's Glenn Fabry in the shop for the release of Lot 13 #1 (DC) of 5 on Wednesday 31st October from 2pm. We do stay open until 7pm on Wednesday's so we'll be testing his staying power...

Can this family survive the night? Lot 13 #1

See here for some preview art of Lot 13 (I've seen the originals and it's pretty lush) and see here for the podcast of an interview conducted by our friends TheMindlessOnes.

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