Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Weekly Treats! Jupiter's Legacy, Morning Glories, Ningen's Nightmares

There's only one comic out this week.

I'm joking of course but Jupiter's Legacy #1 is just about as big as it gets, particularly for a brand new title. Part of the reason for this is that it's written by Mark Millar. Regardless of what you think of his comics, there's no denying that Millar is one of the biggest names in comics at the moment. His comics sell very well and attract non-regular comic readers, movie companies are snapping up the rights to them (Kick-Ass could conceivably make it to a trilogy which would be a remarkable achievement for a such a new title) and when you throw in Clint magazine, the Kapow comic convention and his popping up on BBC's Culture Show you have a man highly motivated to spread the word on a level to rival Stan Lee. 

But that's not all. The illustrator joining him on this project is is the incomparable Frank Quitely. Few illustrators, in my opinion, are so capable at depicting the strange and the spectacular in such a grounding way - characters look real, existing in a real world regardless of how outlandish they may be dressed or what supernatural events may be occurring - and there's a clarity to his storytelling that has served the likes of Grant Morrison extremely well in the past.

And the story? You know how it is when you're a teenager. Your parents achieved great things; they had superpowers, saved the world, were revered like gods and now you're feeling slightly... well, inadequate and disaffected. Millar has promised this will build into something epic...

Also out this week: Batman's at war with everyone including himself in Batman Incorporated #10 (DC) by Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham while the Watchmen prequels come to an end with Before Watchmen: Comedian #6 (DC). Meanwhile at Marvel (who are putting out consistently well-designed and interesting covers across their titles - see here) there's Guardians of the Galaxy #2 and Image lead their releases with the hugely intruiging sci-fi East of West #2.

Making a long-time-coming appearance on the bookshelves this week there's Morning Glories vol. 4 Truants (Image) and brace yourself for Rick Remender's outlandish take on Marvel's big boys in Uncanny Avengers vol 1 Red Shadow illustrated by John Cassaday. For something a little different you could try Deathmatch vol 1 (Boom!) where superheroes are forced to fight to the death or original graphic novel Ningen's Nightmares (Dark Horse) by J.P. Kalonji; a samurai adventure with a dose of the mystical, set in ancient Japan.

We've posted the full list of releases under the This Weeks Comics tab at the top of the page.

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