Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Weekly Treats! Regular Show, Ponies, Authority, Aquaman

Let's inject some colour and bare-faced jauntiness into the week by sticking Regular Show #1 (Kaboom) and My Little Pony vol 1 (IDW) at the top of the Weekly Treats post. Regular Show's subversiveness makes it an uncomfortable bedfellow for the "uncomplicated" sunniness of My Little Pony but I call them different sides of the same animated coin. Let's see if Regular Show can emulate anywhere near the sames success as the all-conquering Adventure Time (#1 is currently on its 4th print). As for My Little Pony, it's got a sparkly cover for crying out loud!!

Sticking with the colour theme Scott Pilgrim vol 3 (Oni) continues the colourised re-prints of Bryan Lee O'Mally's series and once again includes sketches and deleted scenes. These editions really do add a new dimension to the original (I'm sorry, I'm sorry if you've already got the original) and have thoroughly justified the venture into plush hardcover. 

On its original publication Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch's Authority was what is referred to as a 'game changer' - big, wide screen, violent action featuring mass destruction, huge armies and world-weary superheroes, barely holding themselves together and it was all done with a sense of sci-fi intelligence. Even now it's clear to see the influence it had on superhero comics. Authority vol. 1 (DC) collects #1-12 of the now out-of-print series that, in later volumes, saw a then little-known Mark Millar take over writing duties. Cracking stuff.

And finally for the books, Aquaman vol 2 The Others (DC) arrives in hardcover along with the first volume in paperback and Crossed: Wish You Were Here vol 2 (Avatar) which is the next volume printing the web-comic series, slightly tamer than the regular comic series.

Marvel recently confirmed the appearance of Neil Gaiman's Angela in the final issue (see here for a look-see) but for now we have the reality-warped Age of Ultron #8 of 10 and Captain Marvel appears to be unravelling in Avengers: The Enemy Within #1. Also out: a young man hunted for dreaming about a forgotten past in Dream Merchant #1 of 6 (Image) and the man himself has dropped in more mad-dog English-ness in Professor Elemental Comics #2.

The full list of this weeks releases can be found under the tab at the top of the page...

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