Sunday, 30 June 2013


DAY 2 OF 7

The Brood were writer Chris Claremont's Alien analogue impregnating the
X-MEN across a number of issues.

This starts the strengthening of composition in the cover images.

 On Issue #59
Wolverine and the Brood are a circle.
From the tips of Wolverines claws your eye is
drawn around the figures.
From Claws to curled tail 
to the edge of the bricks 
up past the Broods legs
 to meet claw once more.

A circle sitting on a rectangular plinth.

The combatants appear frozen and although the falling bricks are 
unconvincing if read as intended they are wonderful design elements-
stone caught in the gravitational field of the battle.
The lower third of the cover framed by the spine of the Brood.

On Issue #60
The cover is split vertically in two
 with the eye forced to focus on the cramped action of 
overwhelmed X-Men.

The circular design elements are all over this cover.

Colossus lifts a Brood-
the negative space caught in the Brood's tail perfectly 
the energy bursts at the muzzle of the guns.
The little weapon's that the flying Brood are carrying have green 'eyes'
And the same weapon  clasped by the Brood in the bottom foreground when viewed form behind
hints at a circle within a circle.
And of course all these curls compliment
 the ornate romance of the X-MEN Classic font.

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