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Villain-nado 3
Cruel to be kind

What would the week be without another update?
So we received the rest of the allocation figures from our good friends at Diamond and as you can see an interesting range of percentages.

11th September    89%     ACTION COMICS #23.2 ZOD

11th September    78%     AQUAMAN #23.1 BLACK MANTA

11th September    96%     BATMAN #23.2 RIDDLER

11th September    88%     BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.2 COURT OF OWLS

11th September    63%     BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #23.2 MR FREEZE

11th September    77%  DETECTIVE COMICS #23.2 HARLEY QUINN

11th September    80%     EARTH 2 #15.2 SOLOMON GRUNDY

11th September    80%     FLASH #23.2 REVERSE FLASH

11th September    68%     GREEN LANTERN #23.2 MONGUL

11th September    50%     JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.2 LOBO

11th September    65%     JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.2 KILLER FROST

11th September    83%     SUPERMAN #23.2 BRAINIAC

11th September    81%     TEEN TITANS #23.1 TRIGON

18th September    91%     ACTION COMICS #23.3 LEX LUTHOR

18th September    83%     BATMAN #23.3 PENGUIN

18th September    90%     BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.3 RAS AL GHUL

18th September    68%     BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #23.3 CLAYFACE

18th September    93%     DETECTIVE COMICS #23.3 SCARECROW

18th September    83%     FLASH #23.3 ROGUES

18th September    62%     GREEN LANTERN #23.3 BLACK HAND

18th September    39%     JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.3 DIAL E

18th September    90%      JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #23.2 ECLIPSO

18th September    65%     JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.3 SHADOW THIEF

18th September    85%     SUPERMAN #23.3 HEL

18th September    69%     SWAMP THING #23.1 ARCANE

18th September    72%     TEEN TITANS #23.2 DEATHSTROKE

18th September    81%     WONDER WOMAN #23.1 CHEETAH

25th September    93%     ACTION COMICS #23.4 METALLO

25th September    72%     AQUAMAN #23.2 OCEAN MASTER

25th September    92%     BATMAN #23.4 BANE

25th September    88%     BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.4 KILLER CROC

25th September    92%     BATMAN SUPERMAN #3.1 DOOMSDAY

25th September    51%     BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #23.4 JOKERS DAUGHTER

25th September    92%     DETECTIVE COMICS #23.4 MAN BAT

25th September    87%     GREEN LANTERN #23.4 SINESTRO

25th September    65%     JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.4 SECRET SOCIETY

25th September    93%     JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.4 BLACK ADAM

25th September    76%     SUPERMAN #23.4 PARASITE

25th September    70%     WONDER WOMAN #23.2 FIRST BORN


If you’re a regular customer with us (thank you and we love you x) you may be aware that we have an anti speculative rule in place that FORBIDS multiple purchasing of identical comics, unless ordered in advance.
We put this in place a couple of years back after repeat offending cheeky monkey's would try to buy all the copies of (potentially) HOT Image #1’s.
 We bend a little when a comic has multiple covers that we are available to order individually such as Walking Dead #100 or the recent Kick Ass 2 covers.
To avoid readers being left empty handed due to enthusiastic single copy collectors descending Quadrophenia style upon us we have ordered the 2nd Print 2D covers in sufficient quantities to cover what we normally sell of that given title each month.
As of today we have managed to cover almost every standing order with a 3D cover, 
With two exceptions…
The only titles in really short supply are the Justice League Dial E title and the Justice League Lobo title.
So to the standing order customers we can’t cover with 3D covers, and its only a handful, we will be giving you the 2D cover for FREE because no one expects a second print on the DAY OF RELEASE  right?
2D’s retail at £2.10, 3D’s at £2.80 so if any of our standing orders would prefer the cheaper option drop me a line.


When I initially ordered the month of covers, after much deliberation regarding the ethical dilemma of supporting what is in effect an entire month of variant covers
Let alone the historical financial failure of Villain centric events.
I eventually settled on order levels that I was sort of comfortable with and then added another 20-30% for back issues sales down the line because the casual reader/collector really digs those krazy covers!
So as a consequence, even with the allocation we have a pretty good volume of stock to put out on the shelves.
Suffice to say if you want Batman 23.1 Joker on September the 4th you won’t need to camp out for it.
In fact if you turned up in October we may still have copies available.

Now if only that Sandman Overture had a 3D cover.
I mean doesn't Dave McKean’s assemblage covers just cry out to be in 3 dimensions?
It’s the very least you deserve for $4.99
You think I’m joking?
I wish I was.

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