Thursday, 1 August 2013

They came from Inner Space

The Interchangeable world of the Micronauts.
The greatest toys ever created. Running from 1976 - 80 from the Mego Corporation. The multi jointed figures and vehicles that were completely interchangable with each other allowing you to create your own customised variations. Highly advanced compared to all other toys out at the same time and far superior to the other toys that followed set during Wars amongst the Stars, with their minimal design and zero articulation. (Only 5 joints, are you serious?)

Then in 1979 along came Marvel Comics "The Micronauts: they came from Inner Space". With characterizations created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden. They had the great idea that when the Micronauts crossed over into our dimension they were the same size and scale as the toys.
Amazing artwork by Golden, with great interpretations of the toys.

Now it turns out we were so close to having a Micronauts animation.
Dave Johnson over on his twitter account @Devilpig666 recently posted some awesome Micronauts Pitch Art. With some great new character re-designs. The nice new menacing looking Pharoid and a female Time Traveller. And what a great new look for Biotron. As they didn't have the rights to Bug and Marionette because Marvel owned them, he created the character named Dit-Dat. Who looks like he could also be interchangable.

 It looks like it would also have had Baron Karza leading an army of the Microverse aliens, variations of Antron, Membros and Repto.

Unfortunatly the project was stopped when Hasbro took over the rights to the toys. If they had any sense they would jump on this and get talking to Dave Johnson and try to get this going themselves. Im not the only fan who grew up with the Micronauts toys and and sure we would all like to have seen this happen.

For now we can only live in hope.

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