Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dave's Reviews: Black Widow #1

Five Reasons
Why You Should Read
Black Widow #1
By Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto

It's absolutely gorgeous
Black Widow is without a doubt one of the most lavishly beautiful comics on the shelf, with Phil Noto's illustrations giving it a timeless look that are not only visually appealing but a magnificent work of sequential art.

It's definitely an action comic
I wouldn't want to spoil anything, so here's just a brief taste:

Natasha is divinely sexy, without ever feeling exploitative
Glamorous women kicking butt are a superhero staple, but far too often their outfits are impractically (and barely) superglued on and they appear to be missing their internal organs. Noto's Black Widow manages to be powerfully built for action, believably seductive, and blissfully real. I cannot state enough how much I appreciate this fact. 

Natasha is an unreliable narrator...and it's fantastic
Like Hawkeye, this comic is about what Black Widow does on her days off from being an Avenger,  and is meant to give us insight into her backstory and a better understanding of character as she atones for the sins of her past. Except of course that we can never know the truth, because everything she tells us is a lie. Or is it? 

Support female lead comics!
Marvel are releasing several new female solo titles for the All New Marvel Now initiative - She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel (rebooting at #1 for new readers) - and Black Widow certainly has the potential to the biggest success, with a killer creative team and name recognition for the Marvel film fans to give it crossover appeal. I hope comic readers will embrace these titles and prove to the Big Two that female led comics are not a risk, but a benefit we can all enjoy. So don't hesitate, give Black Widow #1 a try today!


  1. Great post! Those images look quite pretty. Looks like Black Widow is the kind of Marvel comic I could enjoy.

    1. Thank you very much! I do hope you give it a try :)

      - Michele


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