Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review: The Black Feather Falls

Dave's Quick and Easy Reviews
By Ellen Lindner


The Black Feather Falls is a charming four-part period mystery about a Tina Swift, a young American living in London who decides to abandon her quiet life as a shopkeeper when a murder occurs on her doorstep. In Book One she meets her fellow investigative partner, gets ignored by the police (she'll show those silly misogynists what a woman can do!), and takes the first steps towards uncovering the truth. There's also hints at a wider backstory that suggests Tina's past may somehow be involved in the events of the present.


 Lindner's use of a limited colour palette works well here, and paired with her simple, bold lines is striking on the page.  I also appreciated the fine period details in the backgrounds (London looks beautiful), and especially the fashions - the difference in privilege between the two female leads is shown in the way they dress, without having to state it outloud, and of course all the designs are in the fabulous 20s style. 

This is an intriguing story for all ages that would be a great introduction for mystery fans to the world of comics, and anyone who enjoys a bit of historical fun. Book 2 is published 24 April, and I'm certainly looking forward to unravelling more of this delightful little mystery.

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