Monday 25 April 2016

Manga artists at work

Urasawa Naoki no Manben Manga Documentary S1E2... by HabaneroScans

Urasawa Naoki no Manben Manga Documentary.

I cannot believe its taken me this long to discover these. Naoki Urasawa, the amazing artist behind 20th Century Boys, Monster and Pluto, interviewing Manga artists on how they create their work.
I loved all these episodes but fond of S1E2 2015 - featuring the frenetic art style of Fujita Kazuhiro, who did Ushio & Tora. I used to collect that, it's nice to see how it was created, and always great to be able to watch artists at work.

Other episodes with english subs - S0E0 - Kawaguchi Kaiji & Yamashita Kazumi - This is the intro episode, which explains how an old documentary on Osamu Tezuka inspired this series. We also get to see Urasawa working on pages of Billy Bat. Good place to start if your planning to watch them all. - S1E1 2015 - Higashimura Akiko (Princess Jellyfish manga out now) - S1E2 2015 - Fujita Kazuhiro (Ushio & Tora - see above) - S1E3 2015 - Asano Inio (Solanin, What a Wonderful World!, Nijigahara Holograph, A Girl On The Shore and Goodnight PunPun out now) - S1E4 2015 - Saito Takao (Golgo 13... which has been running since October 1968.) - S2E1 2016 - Hagio Moto - (They Were Eleven, The Heart of Thomas - reprinted by Fantagraphics) - S2E3 2016 - Igarashi Daisuke - (Children of the Sea printed by Viz Manga)

If your interested in Comic art, Manga or just like to see artists at work, these are definitely worth your time. Check them out while they are still online. And lets hope for more of them in the near future.

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