Monday 23 March 2020

Monday 23rd 2020

Hello everyone

We had hoped to provide a standing order service on Thursday but that will no longer be possible.

All non essential shops are now shut for at least 3 weeks so we won't be reopening until the middle of April at the very earliest I'm afraid to say.

Let me assure you that your subscription will be saved for you regardless of the length of this grotty situation.
All our orders are confirmed and we have just placed our comic orders for titles shipping in May but we fully expect publishers to cancel release dates.

The immediate future looks a little rough for comics as the supply chain of Canadian printers to road haulage to Distribution centers to Air Freight has been disrupted. 
Diamond UK is the last link in this chain and they no longer have Air Freight available to them.

So that’s where the industry is as I’m writing.
It will bounce back it just may be a slightly different shape.

 So I guess we all have a bit of time on our hands.
I'll be keeping you updated with any news regarding Diamond etc & you can write to us at or Twitter or on Instagram.
We have had people asking about mail order but without new product to ship out its not really an option.
We have some ideas to float and as soon as they are a little more solid I'll let you all know.

My promise to you wonderful standing order customers
 is that when we can reopen safely 
your comics will be waiting for you
with a healthy layer of discount sprinkled on top.

Please stay safe 
We hope to see you all very soon

Stephen and The Dave’s Family

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