Wednesday 23 December 2020


Thank you all for being frankly lovely during this annus horribilis, the year when we haven’t  been able to open our doors for a heart ache inducing 1/3RD of the year-still unbelievable but there we have it.

So it’s pretty painful to have to announce another period of closure by Government decree even if we all agree its ABSOLUTLY the right thing to do.

Fortunately (I guess?) Diamond is not due to ship anything until January 6th so if you picked up your standing order over the past 24 hours your up to date.

Our phone and collect/ PayPal and collect will be a skinny version of what we had in operation during November with 4 days a week available for you to arrange pick up.

The dates are as follows, starting

Wednesday 30th December 11-5pm

Saturday 2nd January 2021 11-5pm

Tuesday 5th January 11-5pm

Wednesday 6th January 11-5pm

Friday 8th January 11-5pm

Saturday 9th January 11-5pm

And every Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday until Tier 4 is lifted.

I’m posting this on the evening of 23rd, so if you want your standing order before Christmas you only have tomorrow and then after that the next available pick up is a weeks’ time on the 30th.

As before please give us a call when you get to the door as I may be weeping too hard to hear you.

Everyone who we arranged PayPal invoices with us during November rest assured I’ll automatically send you one each week to cover your order.

Everyone else can use the Google forms option on our Blog if you so desire additions to your precious Panelology collection.

Ok, in closing another Galactus sized THANK YOU for Watcher(ing) out for us, we really have been kept emotionally and financially buoyant by you all, you incredible people!

All the love from under the mistletoe 

Stephen and Family Dave’s


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