Thursday 31 December 2020


Oh this is sooooooo 2020!

News just in regarding next weeks New Comics delivery, this has just been sent to us from Diamond UK.

Dear Retailers,

I had hoped for more of a positive email to finish off the year that’s been 2020, alas it’s not to be!

You’ll undoubtably be aware that the latest government announcement yesterday placed another HUGE percentage of Comic stores/sellers into tier 4. As was the case previously during the English lockdown pt. 2, product continues to print and will be available to us. Once again with this in mind we intend to continue with weekly distribution of as much product as is available to us (and that will be available to your customers from other sources).  

I say be available to us as unfortunately several of our shipments containing product due for release on Jan 6th have been held up in the US and have not made it to Diamond UK in time to make their intended release.

We’ve been in constant contact with our shippers throughout 2020 and we are fully aware of the logistical problems that they have encountered all year and with the recent severe US weather conditions and urgent need for shipments of medical and other vital products, this week’s shipments have all been affected.

 As soon as we have more information on the product missing from 6th Jan we will update you, but we have every intention of hoping to supply this to you in the following weeks deliveries.

It's me again, as soon as we get a confirmation of what we are going to receive this week I'll post it here.


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