Thursday, 8 November 2012

Swoon Now! Super Crooks, The Essential David Shrigley & All The Wrong Questions

How about this threesome of books for an eclectic mix and if at least one of them doesn't vaguely tickle your fancy I'll come round your house and rip up your X-Men comics. In no particular order, Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's latest Hollywood-busting mini-series Super Crooks (Marvel) mixing super-villains and a good old fashioned Ocean's Eleven-esq crime caper. Then there's transgressive humour and moments of disturbing abstract art in The Essential David Shrigley (Canongate) - you either 'get it' or your don't, as they say. And finally Seth has provided illustrations for the new novel by Lemony Snicket entitled All The Wrong Questions vol 1 (Egmont). For no extra cost the book has a yellow cover so bright it could probably power your house for the winter period.  

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