Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weekly Treats The First:DC!


 for scarcity of recent postings your usual corespondent upon all thangs sequential has been conscripted into the land of poorlyville and we all wish his circuits a speedy recovery.

Unfortunately my ego forbids me to not sermonise from this mount or at least the little pitchers mound form Peanuts.
So for the next few weeks expect news and opinion.

                           SCOTT SNYDER WEEK!

Batman, Superman and American Vampire! a bonifide Bendis for DC.
Wow though that is a serious amount of cash being generated by one creator in one week for one company, a combined dollar value of $17!
Still he seems like a lovely bloke and ever so warm in interviews and he also looks a little like the bloke playing Zod in the Man of Steel.

Continuing the cross platforming of media DC Comics tethers its SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 to the tent pole Man of Steel movie released this week.
Are you going to see it?
Henry looks the part and I suppose if Brainiac was attacking Sydney Street I'd be more than please to be carried away by him,but do I actually want to pay money to see ANOTHER SUPERMAN film?

Now you can apply that questioning toward the SUPERMAN UNCHAINED release because lets face it since the New 52 launch Superman hasn't fared that well.
 A parce the parcel of creators all trying to find an original angle, Grants Springsteen-ism (surely Guthrie-ism?) wore out its blue jean welcome quick and enough said of George Perez paleolithic run.

So I've had a peak at it and it looks fine in that Jim Lee polished product sort of way, and you get a fold out poster/BIG panel for FREE stuck inside and I do mean stuck! Use extreme caution upon extraction.

                BATMAN begins his YEAR ZERO this week!
 A risky move editorially I would say to move your best selling title out of current continuity for a whole year still in Scott we Trust(well apart from the non ending of Death of The Family)

Cover is a wee disappointing with light embossing but the interior art from Greg Capullo is lovely now that the inking is a little lighter.
Oh and as announced by DC in the week this Year Zero idea is spreading into some of the other Batbooks come October, to turn it into a little EVENT!


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