Sunday 3 May 2009

Swoon Soon! - Friday Fancies Seaguy The Slaves of Micky Eye#2

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Cameron Stewart
On the run with his mysterious counterparts known as Peaguy, Treeguy and Threeguy to escape the omnipresent Mickey Eye, Seaguy must thrust himself into his new life as El Macho the Bulldresser – a new kind of matador who entertains the crowds by dressing stampeding bulls in women's clothing! Just how far will the Eye go to prevent Seaguy from learning the terrible secret behind his cartoonish world ?
There is still time to set sail with another meta-piece from Mr Morrison!
We have copies of the unsettling issue one of 'Seaguy: The Slaves of Micky Eye' in store and the splendid slender vol 1 of 'Seaguy' always in stock. Why not let the lovely Cameron Stewart artist of the series tell you all about it below...

Oh and there are 13 jolly questions with Cameron over at our erudite friends house, better known as the 'Mindless Ones' who as it happens have beautifully filleted issue one for all to enjoy.
Can't wait till Friday!Thats right, Friday for all new comics this week.The consequence of a May Bank Holiday in the UK sure is cruel.I hope it didn't rain.

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