Thursday 3 December 2009

Presuming On His Senses! Pope Hats

In September last year, a young lady came into the shop with a small press publication. Not unusual, but on this occasion she was offering the title on behalf of the creator who was American. She was very enthusiastic and told me that the author was going to be worth watching. The title was Pope Hats and the author was Ethan Rilly.

How I wish we still had some copies left. One year, one Xeric Foundation grant and a shortlist for the 2008 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent later and the Pope Hats official #1 arrived in store today. Easily the best comic out this week, it's engaging, just the right side of kooky and beautifully drawn. Fans of Daniel Clowes shouldn't pass this up. Only £2.80.

Want more? There's a podcast interview with the Ethan Rilly at Comixology.

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