Wednesday 1 June 2011

A Right Proper Comic News Shock!

So then. DC eh? Trailblazers? Or leaving a fiery trail to dooooooommm? The selective headlines rising phoenix-like out of the rumour is that as of September DC will relaunch 52, that's 52, titles and that digital releases will thenceforth be available on the same day.

So what's written in the embers of this blazing fire of a news story?

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on JLA
Grant Morrison on Superman
Origins will be tweeked
Superman and Wonder Woman an item after dissolving Lois & Clark?
James Robinson and Philip Tan on Hawkman
Superman's new belt and boots and by the looks of this picture, younger and red pant-less

It's very brave and it's extremely bold. Will you be jumping on or jumping off at the sight of a new number one? Will new release date digital comics mean a greater decline in physical comic sales or will it open up the medium to new readers? Who wouldn't want to be in the Marvel offices right about now...

Keep an eye on BeeedingCool (see here).

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