Tuesday 30 August 2011

Weekly Treats! Justice League #1, Any Empire, Green River Killer & more

 A change of layout for this weeks new release post because the party is clearly at DC's door. It's the great comic circle of life in one week. Firstly it's the END of Flashpoint. Rarely has an ending been so hotly anticipated as a prelude to a new beginning because sat very close to it is that very beginning in the shape of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1. Geoff Johns and Jim Lee take us back to the start as, faced with a dark new evil, Batman can see no other choice but to assemble a new team of the world's greatest heroes. These are the only two DC comics shipping this week and as we have a price promotion on all the DC relaunch books this month (see side bar) JL #1 will cost you only £2 instead of £2.80. An exciting jumping on point for new or lapsed readers and healthy re-invigoration point for existing readers. Tell your friends.

But there's more. Angel is offically back under the Dark Horse umbrella and looking to atone after the conclusion to Buffy season 8 in Angel & Faith #1. In Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye #1 Jonathan Hickman continues his plan for the Ultimate universe in whilst Greg Pak brings his monumental run on Hulk to a close in Incredible Hulks #635 (see here for an interview about his 5 year run on ComicsAlliance) and I'm sure he's going to want to leave his mark. And finally Amazing Spider-Man #668 sees Peter Parker not having to worry about maintaining his secret identity now that everyone has powers on Spider-Island.

There is one somber note to the week. Now I'm sure that the majority of you enjoyed the blessing of an extra day at the weekend, but now comes the payback. The delivery will be arriving at the store on the Wednesday morning and it will naturally take a while to unpack, sort, read and process so the comic floor will be closed until some time after 1 o'clock. Maybe sooner, maybe later but we'll do our best so please make allowances. Thanks.

Nate Powell has so far enjoyed considerable critical acclaim with still only a handful of releases. While his short story collections Please Release and Sound of Your Name picked up fans including Frank Miller it was Swallow Me Whole which dealt with mental problems in adolescnce that won him the 2009 Eisner for best new graphic novel and the 2009 Ignatz award for outstanding artist (see here for a neat overview at Top Shelf's website). So its fair to say that there are a few eyes turned to his new release; Any Empire (Top Shelf) which again focuses on adolescence but within the shadow of mankinds attraction to war. Looking at Paul Gravett's detailed review (see here) it promises to be an emotionally complex and layered piece of work.

Also worth looking at will be Green River Killer: A True Detective Story (Dark Horse). As the title suggests it tells the story of one of America's most notorious serial killers who avoid capture for over a decade until the case was given to a single detective. This is the story told by the son of that detective, writer Jeff Jensen.

Wait, there's even more! The recent run of Planet of the Apes (Boom!) comes to trade paperback at last for only £7.50 and Eric Powell's fabulously illustrated Chimichanga (Dark Horse).

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