Tuesday 23 August 2011

Weekly Treats! Malinky Robot and more...

There's a flurry of buzz worthy books this week led by Malinky Robot: Collected Stories (Image) by Sonny Liew. It follows two young friends living in one of those futuristic cities where all the impressive advancements in technology haven't filtered down to the poorer quarters of society making it resemble.. well anywhere in the world in any time. But our young protagonists don't sit around bemoaning their lot, they set out to entertain themselves.

Liew has a lovely delicate style to his art so that what could look quite bleak instead feels more playful. And that's the point it seems: in times of hardship you have to go looking for your own merriment. In fact Liew has inserted 'funny pages' style sections to tell what look like some of the more downbeat parts of the story. 

The very well received How To Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less (DC would you believe?) by Sarah Glidden makes it to paper back (see here for a review from our blog archives). After a year of publishing material on their website, The Comics Journal #301 (Fantagraphics) weighs in at an enormous 600+ pages with discussions of Robert Crumbs Book of Genesis, Jim Woodrings sketches, Al Jaffee and Michael Kupperman in dialogue and you're barely half way through. And of course any Hernandez release deserves a mention, this time out Jaime Hernandez gets the spotlight as Esperanza (Fantagraphics) reprints material after the Penny Century collection.

Maybe not for the same crowd there's also an over sized hardback release of Carnage: Family Feud (Marvel) with perrrty digital art by Clayton Crain. Which leads us nicely into...

...Weekly Treats of course. DC have been quietly, not-so-much wrapping up but finding moments of resolution for all their titles in readiness for the re-launch. Yeah, suddenly they seem more interesting now don't they? In light of that point of interest, this weeks Action Comics #904 throws Doomsday into the mix. Hmmm. Anyway Flashpoint: Superman #3 concludes the radical revision of Superman brought to life by Gene Ha. And I'm afraid there are only three Batman titles this week including Batman Inc. #8. Marvel continue to knock out their own new number 1's as Ultimate Comics: Ultimates #1 gets a Jonathan Hickman make-over (that got you curious didn't it?) and Punisher #2 is suddenly upon us very quickly. The same could never be said for Kick Ass #3 of course - you have no excuse to miss this before #4.

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