Monday 28 November 2011

Books of the Year! Everything We Miss

When we all count down the clock on 2011, young Luke Pearson will surely be reflecting on a year of considerable creative achievement.  Firstly we have the reason for this post: Everything We Miss (Nobrow), a haunting and unflinchingly bleak piece of work that achieves brilliance through it's simplicity and insight (see here for my original post featuring further excerpts from the book).  

For those interested in further reading, brace yourselves for something entirely different as Hildafolk (Nobrow) is a beautifully imaginative all ages title, the second story of which is out immanently.

He also has a two page story in the newly arrived Nobrow #6:

Or you could always play the free, web-based, existentially-themed game The End (see here). It was commissioned by Channel 4 and is illustrated by the man himself.

If you need an extra incentive to take a look we still have signed copies of Everything We Miss thanks to Mr Pearson's generous nature when he visited the shop for a signing earlier in the year.

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