Monday 28 November 2011

Weekly Treats! BPRD, Rasl & Super Dinosaur

It's one of those eerie fifth-week-of-the-month weeks where all the late-comers arrive on the scene to ensure the party doesn't die.  Speaking of which we have our first highlight: BPRD: Being Human (Dark Horse) which collects stories that delve into the origins of Abe Sapien, Roger, Liz Sherman & Jonathan Kraus including the three issue series The Dead Remembered. Mike Mignola, Skott Allie, John Arcudi are the writers and the art is supplied by Buffy's Karl Moline and Hellboy-world regulars Richard Corben, Guy Davis and Ben Stenbeck.

Anyone that's been reading the Jeff Smith series about an art thief travelling between alternate versions of earth and bringing himself to the attention of all sorts of creepy apparitions will know that there's as much genre-hopping as dimension-hopping.  File the oversized Rasl Book 3 (Cartoon Books) under creepy/sci-fi/mystery/romance.

And because Christmas isn't just for adults: Ninjago vol. 1 (Papercutz) is based on the toys from Lego about four ninjas who must learn to master the elemental arts in order to defeat the evil brother of their sensei.  And Super Dinosaur vol. 1 (Image) seems like an unlikely combination - not because its about a dinosaur with powers but that it's an all ages title written by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Battle Pope, Invincible).  Can we expect slow burn big pay-offs as with his other titles?

This week the DC 52 take a well deserved break from energising the comic industry. There's Green Lantern Animated #0 to entice the new readers young and old plus after the (cheap) extra-sized (and cheap) first issue, Spaceman #2 finds opur genetically engineered protagonist the only potential saviour of a young kidnap victim. The essential Daredevil #6 sees horn-head up against contract fighter, The Bruiser and FF #12 begins a story to run parallel with the Fantastic Four and promises to reveal just how Doctor Doom and the FF will save us (yes, SAVE us - where have you been?). X-Men Legacy #259 Rogue, Gambit and Magneto on unfinished business and Uncanny X-Men #2 continues with the return of the new, dapper Mister Sinister.


Full list to be found under the features tab.

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