Monday 5 December 2011

Weekly Treats! Criminal

We're very busy elves this time of year but I'll try to keep some semblance of a post going.  The biggest graphic novel release this week is Criminal vol. 6 (Icon) another crime tale from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.  Along with Scalped (Icon) it's probably the best ongoing crime series out being published.  Follow the Criminal blog for more (see here).  Striking cover ta boot.

For the Weekly Treats, well it's starting to become clear what the success stories are from the DC52 line and this week we have four of them: Action Comics #4 was always going to be a strong showing thanks to Grant Morrison's name although it also became the 'love it/hate it' title of the batch. Detective Comics #4 was also an obvious title to back but Tony S. Daniel has seen his stock rise rapidly of late. Also proving to be popular are Animal Man #4 and Swamp Thing #4; both true success stories from the re-boot as you'd wonder how well they would have sold as new launches on a regular week. The re-boot got the attention, the quality kept the sales up. Marvel have a big new launch this week with Defenders #1 with a great set of characters and the pages feature those curious little messages that used to pop up on comics in the seventies (hinting at future story lines, other comics and the old "continued on the second page" before an advert). Plus there's Avenging Spider-Man #2.


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