Thursday, 13 September 2012

Swoon Now! Space Race & Megaskull

This week saw the release of another of Nobrow's justifiably popular Leporello series - double-sided, concertina works of art. For Space Race, Tom Clohosy Cole depicts two versions of the developments in Space exploration: one from a US perspective and one from USSR. It's a charming, beautifully balanced piece of work with gorgeous colouring that belie the deceptively simple illustrations. See here for Cole's website.

And on a completely different note (who says Nobrow have a house style?) Kyle Platts takes time away from his skateboard to produce quite possibly the brightest book you'll see this year. In florescent yellow, pink, blue we have Megaskull filled with short tales of irreverent humour developed from his Megaskull blog (see here). By the way; no picture I could find online truely captured the brilliantly garish nature of the colouring.

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