Thursday, 28 February 2013

Swoon Now! Welcome To Your Awesome Robot

If you're aware of NoBrow Press you'll recognise their focus on the aesthetic. In fact o strong is the house style that we happily give them their own spot in the shop. Well they've recently launched an all ages imprint: Flying Eye Books. The website (see here) is worth rummaging around if only for the cute little animation on the title page and the rather nice mission statement, all of which may lead you to punch the air and say "Yay for books". Here's an extract:

...What would the world be like without beautiful, magical, tactile books? What would our homes look like? What would our children’s bedrooms be like? Where would that wondrous reveal of turning the pulpy, inky pages of a treasured picture book go?... 

Anyway, here's a look at the first book we have in from this line. It's titled Welcome To Your Awesome Robot, its by Viviane Schwarz (see here for her website) and it mixes engaging pages of comic 'how to...' (with a mother and daughter) and images to cut-out to add to your own construction if you so wish. I think it's really rather nice...

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