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20 AUGUST 2014

It's a stellar new comic week, with the premiere of two of the summer's hottest new comics - Grant Morrison's highly anticipated MULTIVERSITY, which explores the many different parallel versions of the DC Universe, and a new thriller from the masters of noir Brubaker and Phillips, THE FADE OUT.  Other debuts this week are the print version of digital hit SENSATION COMICS: WONDER WOMAN, the DARK HORSE PRESENTS anthology starts again at #1 with a story featuring Geof Darrow, three classic pulp heroes team up in JUSTICE INC,  and my pick of the week, the spectacularly beautiful all ages comic LITTLE NEMO: RETURN TO SLUMBERLAND. We also say goodbye to ORIGINAL SINS, TRINITY OF SIN PANDORA, and DEADPOOL DRACULA'S GAUNTLET. Also in store: Warren Ellis' new trippy mystery SUPREME BLUE ROSE and dystopian TREES, ADVENTURE TIME and ADVENTURE TIME: BANANA GUARD, STORM, BATMAN AND ROBIN, TEEN TITANS, UMBRAL, MS MARVEL and WICKED+DIVINE (wooo!). 
What are you excited to read this week? Talk to us @DavesComics! 

Adventure Time #31
Adventure Time Banana Guard Academy #2 (Of 6)

 Root Beer Guy has his first class of Banana Guard recruits and it's time to send them to boot camp. With the Head Banana Guard looking over his new class, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, these Bananas are a little more than bruised by this new class and they're not going to make it easy. Will Gingerbread Muto, Tree Trunks, Gum Drop Lass, Peppermint Butler, and Mr. Cupcake make it through?
Black Market #2 (Of 4)

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Bestiary #1 (Of 6)

WHY WE LOVE IT: Over the past three years, Clive Barker has re-imagined the HELLRAISER mythos as only he could, building a longform narrative that became one of the best-received horror comics in recent memory. Now, the Master of Horror takes us into his Bestiary for an anthology series-free of continuity, but full of shocking consequences.
WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: HELLRAISER: BESTIARY will pick up where classic horror comics anthologies like Tales From The Crypt, Vault of Horror, and the more recent Flinch left off. And not only will some of comics' rising stars, such as Ed Brisson (Sheltered), and Michael Moreci (CURSE), get a chance to open the puzzle box in this series, but the first issue features the comics debut of award-winning novelist Victor LaValle (The Devil in Silver, Big Machine).
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Step into the Bestiary for all-new tales of the LeMarchand Device and its guardians! This first issue contains the start of a six-part serial written by Mark Miller (CLIVE BARKER'S NEXT TESTAMENT) and Ben Meares (HELLRAISER ANNUAL 2013), and drawn by Carlos Magno (DEATHMATCH), where a group of mercenaries are hired to steal Pinhead's pins. Also, superstar author Victor LaValle teams with artist Colin Lorimer (CURSE) to tell a story set on the outskirts of New York City, as a close-knit community is torn apart by the presence of the puzzle box. 
Empty Man #3 (Of 6)
Last Broadcast #4 (Of 7)
Sons of Anarchy #12
Translucid #5 (Of 6)

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #122

Johann travels to Japan to fight giant monsters, but what he discovers is even more disturbing. A man with no brain has been drawing pictures . . . and they tell a terrifying story. Perfect jumping-on point for new readers!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #6

  Dark Horse Presents #1 

Geof Darrow and Frank Miller's Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot returns in this new volume of the award-winning, long-running anthology powerhouse Dark Horse Presents! Also in the 48-page tome of awesome comics: Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse's Resident Alien, Brendan McCarthy's Dream Gang, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and Andy Kuhn's Wrestling with Demons, Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley's Sabertooth Swordsman, and David Mack's Kabuki! The award-winning series returns at the new lower price and features a special Geof Darrow art gallery.
Eye Of Newt #3 (Of 4)
Star Wars Darth Maul Son Of Dathomir #4 (Of 4)

Count Dooku is possessed by the spirit of Mother Talzin! Darth Maul's Shadow Collective is shattered! The Separatists attack! And Darth Sidious himself enters the fight!
Strain The Night Eternal #1  
Witchfinder The Mysteries Of Unland #3 (Of 5)

 Batman And Robin #34 

Batman's quest for Damian's body is about to take him further down the road to damnation than he's ever gone before! His first stop: the Justice League's Lex Luthor!
Batman Eternal #20 Batwoman #34  
Fables #143

A fight is coming between Rose Red and Snow White, and everybody knows it - except maybe Rose Red and Snow White.
The only trouble is, they've been pegged as highly magical creatures all of their lives, but the true measure of that magic is only now being revealed. When they do finally throw down with each other, will it be a personal duel, or all-out war involving thousands?
Green Lantern New Guardians #34
Infinite Crisis The Fight For The Multiverse #2
Infinity Man And The Forever People #3
Multiversity #1 

The biggest adventure in DC's history is here! Join visionary writer Grant Morrison, today's most talented artists, and a cast of unforgettable characters from 52 alternative Earths of the known DC Multiverse! Prepare to meet the Vampire League of Earth-43, the Justice Riders of Earth-18, Superdemon, Doc Fate, the super-sons of Superman and Batman, the rampaging Retaliators of Earth-8, the Atomic Knights of Justice, Dino-Cop, Sister Miracle, Lady Quark, the legion of Sivanas, the Nazi New Reichsmen of Earth-10 and the latest, greatest Super Hero of Earth-Prime: YOU!
Comprising six complete adventures - each set in a different parallel universe - plus a two-part framing story and a comprehensive guidebook to the many worlds of the Multiverse, THE MULTIVERSITY is more than just a multipart comic-book series. It's a cosmos spanning, soul-shaking experience that puts YOU on the frontline in the Battle for All Creation against the demonic destroyers known as the Gentry! In issue #1, pencilled by superstar artist Ivan Reis (AQUAMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE), President Superman of Earth-23 uncovers a threat to all Reality so apocalyptic it will take a team of incredible heroes from across the Multiverse to face it - including Captain Carrot, like you've never seen him before!
But even with a multitude of alternate worlds to choose from, where every variation is possible, can anyone hope to prevail against the onslaught of ultimate evil and undying hatred - in the unstoppable form of a one-time cosmic defender with unimaginable powers?! Join us, if you dare, for the beginning of THE MULTIVERSITY!
New 52 Futures End #16
Red Hood And The Outlaws #34

 Scribblenauts Unmasked A Crisis Of Imagination #8
  Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1 

Diana Prince: Amazon warrior, ambassador to Man's world, or champion of women in need? All of the above! This digital-first anthology series will bring some of comics' greatest talents to Themyscira, and give them leave to explore Diana, her world - and ours!
Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver kick things off when Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City's criminals get the surprise of their lives! Then, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs take Diana to school, where she meets her biggest fan! 
Supergirl #34
Teen Titans #2
Teen Titans Go #5
Trinity Of Sin Pandora #14 (Final Issue)

Pandora already has a target on her back from S.H.A.D.E. - the last thing she needs is a nest of savage vampires at her throat!
And the last thing Andrew Bennett, vampire killer, needs is Pandora getting in the way of his mission. Unfortunately for Pandora, killing immortals is Bennett's speciality! 
Unwritten Volume 2 Apocalypse #8

Judge Dredd #22 

  Little Nemo Return To Slumberland #1
An all-new, all-ages series full of magic and whimsy from award-winning creators Eric Shanower (Adventures in Oz) and Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key)!
Spinning out of Winsor McKay's brilliant early 20th century strip, Little Nemo in Slumberland sees King Morpheus' daughter, in the Royal Palace of Slumberland select her next-playmate: Nemo! Only Nemo has no interest in being anyone's playmate, dream or no dream! 

My Little Pony Friends Forever #8
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2014

Transformers Robots In Disguise #32

AUTOBOTS VERSUS EARTH! OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS discover the humans' secret-and they aren't pleased with what they learn!
Will the DECEPTICON's alliance tear down the peace-and will the world learn the CYBERTRONIANs are back? 
X-Files Year Zero #2 (Of 5)

Artifacts #38
Dark Engine #2

  Fade Out #1 

The first project from their groundbreaking five-year deal at Image will have Brubaker and Phillips fans old and new, at the edge of their seats as they weave an epic crime story unlike anything they've done before. 
Hollywood - 1948. A noir film stuck in endless reshoots. A writer plagued with nightmares from the war and a dangerous secret. An up-and-coming starlet's suspicious death. And a maniacal Studio Mogul and his Security Chief who will do anything to keep the cameras rolling before the Post-War boom days come crashing down. THE FADE OUT is the most ambitious series yet from the award-winning Noir Masters.
Bonus: This 40-PAGE FIRST ISSUE features more story pages, as well as exclusive back pages articles that are only in these single issues! 
Genius #3 (Of 5)
Manifest Destiny #9
Protectors Inc #8
Savage Dragon #197
Saviours #5
Stray Bullets Killers #6

  Supreme Blue Rose #2

Diana Dane is being transported by Darius Dax in the hunt for the mysterious Ethan Crane. It's a car ride that takes her a lot further than she expects: out into the nature of the universe itself. 
Trees #4
Umbral #8
  Wicked + The Divine #3
Laura has no choice. She has to go underground to find the goth-goth-gothity-goth of the Morrigan. Is this the most ill-advised underworld-related decision since Orpheus decided to see how Eurydice was doing in the back seat? To find out, read the comic that people are literally calling 'The one by GILLEN/McKELVIE/WILSON with the very long title.'

Armor Hunters Bloodshot #2 (Of 3)
Armor Hunters Harbinger #2 (Of 3)
Death In Oaxaca #1
Delinquents #1 (Of 4)
Confrontation! Devastation! Inebriation! (And the lost secret of the hobos too!) Oh dear god no, you'd better get out of the way…because here come the Delinquents! Quantum and Woody are the world's worst superhero team. Archer & Armstrong are a mismatched pair of conspiracy-busting adventurers.
When a mysterious force collides these ill-suited and irresponsible 'heroes' for a cross-country race through the darkest corners of American mythology, all hell is bound to break loose. Can two busted pairs become four of kind in time to defeat the Hobo King, save the day, and make it back home in time for Happy Hour? Let's hope so…'cause these guys make a really, really bad team. (And you don't even want to know about the goat.)

Doctor Spektor Master Of The Occult #3
Justice Inc #1 (Of 6)
An airliner vanishes en route without a trace! It's the crisis that brings together, in a historic team-up for the first time ever, Street and Smith's super-star trinity: The Shadow! Doc Savage! The Avenger!
This historic cross-over is 75 years in the making, JUSTICE, INC. begins here, spawned by a horrific tragedy of death and destruction secretly orchestrated by some of the most powerful and unexpected villains in the history of the pulps!
Chapter 1 (of 6): 'The Time Machine!'

Life After #2

Sherwood TX #2 (Of 5)  
Simpsons Comics #214
Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #5 

Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 #1 (Of 4) 

Welcome to the world of Battlestar Galactica as never seen before, as #1 NYT Bestselling Author Tony Lee gives it a Steampunk spin! After Professor Baltar's clockwork Cylonics destroy the Colonial Empire, Arch Duke Adama learns that his son Apollo is missing!
It's up to Lady Athena to travel to the Sky Pirate world of the Rising Star and ask for help from the only hope she has - the disgraced Captain Starbuck and his humanoid / Daggit copilot Muffit... 
World Of Archie Comics Digest #42

All-New Ghost Rider #6
All-New Ultimates #6
The ULTIMATES' battle with the SERPENT SKULLS! Fever pitch violence drives this war between the classes and sexes. DIAMONDBACK breaks hearts and faces! SCOURGE goes out in a blaze of glory! CROSSBONES fights to the bitter end! Will the team quit while they're ahead? Or will they emerge as something even STRONGER?! 

All-New X-Factor #12
Daredevil #7
Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #4 (Of 4)
Deadpool Dracula's Gauntlet #7 (Of 7)
Deadpool and his bride-to-be take on the forces of Dracula...for keeps!
Plus: an all-new epilogue story! 

Deadpool Vs X-Force #3 (Of 4)
Elektra #5

The critically-acclaimed and captivating story of Elektra's search for redemption reaches a bloody climax. Legendary assassins go head to head at the edge of the world, but it looks like Elektra's soul is right at Death's door.
Magneto #8
Mighty Avengers #13   
Ms Marvel #7
The Young Avengers' battle with the Hood reaches its climax! The prime mover behind the Watcher's murder confesses his own Original Sin! Plus, Everybody's Got One! Find out the Original Sins and hidden secrets of dozens of other Marvel heroes and villains! 
Savage Wolverine #22
Secret Avengers #7
Storm #2

STORM is on a mission to use her extraordinary powers for the betterment of not just mutantkind, but the entire world. When wayward youth start disappearing from the streets of New York, Storm is reminded of her own past as a thief and decides to investigate.
But little does she suspect that the culprit behind the disappearances is one of her oldest foes: CALLISTO! 
  Wolverine Annual #1

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